Oswalt in Outfield (bakerloo) wrote in remembrall_club,
Oswalt in Outfield

OMG! Book 7 Comes Out Tomorrow!

It's time for predictions!!!! Under the cut are some of mine. Feel free to throw in your own or pick a fight with me or whatever!

REMINDER: This is a spoiler-free zone. Don't fucking ruin it for everyone else. Thanks!

* Hogwarts will re-open.
* Snape will die.
* Ron will die. (sniff!)
* That wedding is going to be a bloodbath.
* Neville will kick some Bellatrix ass.
* Snape will sacrifice himself in some way so that Harry can defeat Voldy.
* Nagini will put up a fight.
* The house elves will be important (boooooooooooooo)
* Lily Potter worked in the Love room in the Dept. of Mysteries.
* The last Horcrux is something we've never seen.
* In the end, Harry will wake up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette.

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